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Helen Loukatos, CPA, CA, Licensed Public Accountant


9 years of public accounting experience with a mid-sized accounting firm:

•    Experienced in servicing private company clients and individuals in a variety of      industries - including assurance, accounting, tax, and consulting
•    Analyzed and consulted with clients regarding potential investments/transactions,      including the analysis of asset versus share sales and assisting with due diligence      procedures/reporting
•    Prepared complex personal income tax returns involving various deferrals,      complex investments, stock option deferral calculations and elections, etc. for      high net worth individuals
•    Analyzed business continuity plans for clients, including steps required to better      manage costs by streamlining and by making better use of existing physical and      human resources
•    Assisted clients with statutory audits including income tax, employee health tax,      payroll, excise tax, unions, and the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board
•    Assisted with estate planning in terms of portfolio investments, donations to      minimize tax, probate minimization, and reorganizations to minimize tax on      death
•    Prepared calculations to support marital property claims
•    Prepared projections and financial forecasts to assist clients with the attainment or      increase of bank financing

1.5 years spent in a small accounting firm servicing individuals and private company clients

5 years spent performing bookkeeping services


     2010 - present     Student -- STEP Canada (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners)
     2005 - present     PD courses covering a variety of accounting, assurance, and                                  taxation courses, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario,                                  AJAG Professional Development, and Cadesky and Associates                                  Tax Seminars
     2009 - 2011         Co-founder and speaker -- Dollars & Sen$e women's breakfast                                  seminar series
     2007                    Income Tax Practice Course, Canadian Institute of Chartered                                 Accountants
     2006                   Public Accountants License, Institute of Chartered Accountants                                 of Ontario
     2005                   Chartered Accountant, Canadian Institute of Chartered                                 Accountants
     2004                   Bachelor of Business Administration, University of Toronto

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