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We have been in the tax and accounting industry for many years and have worked for a variety of clients who involve themselves in numerous industries. We have learned what it takes to service the needs of our clients, to be available to them when they need us and to assist them in achieving their financial goals. Our experience in small, medium, and large firms has allowed us to achieve a high level of knowledge to assist our clients with services ranging from major family/life events to starting and growing their own businesses, preparing for retirement, and many other situations. Our clients typically include individuals and their families, privately held corporations, trustees, not-for-profit organizations, sole proprietors, and partnerships. In order to provide a complete range of services to our clients, we are proud to offer the following:

                    Income tax compliance                Financial statement preparation
                   Taxation advice                              Review or Audit of financial statements
                   Consulting services                       Bookkeeping services

Additional services beyond those listed above are available, so please contact us for further information. If we cannot provide the service you seek, we have an extensive network that spans the entire GTA and north of the city, so we would be happy to refer you to someone who can assist you.

We are continually attending professional development courses and reviewing new information from the CRA, government legislation, and our professional organizations, in order to stay current in our ever-changing industry.

*Income tax compliance:
       Preparation or review of all types of income tax and information returns including:

                o Corporate
                o Personal
                o Trust
                o Partnership
                o Charity
                o Not-for-profit organizations
                o Other statutory remittances and annual returns (i.e. T4, T5, EHT, HST, payroll                       source deductions, WSIB, etc.)

       Assist with voluntary disclosures

       Assist with dealings with CRA (the Canada Revenue Agency), including information        gathering to support a claim or in preparation of an audit, meetings with auditors or        the collections department, etc.

*Taxation advice:
       Income tax minimization strategies

       Explain the tax treatment of various expenditures

       Estate planning

       Business succession planning

       Reorganization of corporate holdings

*Consulting services:
       General accounting or taxation advice on personal or corporate matters

       Accounting and/or financial and/or taxation advice on the acquisition or sale of a        business or other assets/investments

       Incorporation advice and assistance -- we can also connect you with a respected lawyer        or law clerk to assist you

       Financial forecasts or projections for new or existing businesses -- these may be        required when trying to secure [additional] fincancing and may form a part of your        business plan

       Insurance advice (i.e. business, life, long-term disability, etc.)

*Financial statement preparation:
       Preparation of internal statements, solely for use by the owner or management, or to        support the tax return figures

       Preparation of formal financial statements with a Notice to Reader report attached

*Review or Audit of financial statements:
       When owners, lenders, government agencies, or others require more work to be done        on the financial statements (i.e. to provide more assurance)

       The financial statements must include notes explaining policies implemented and        other comments on financial statement items

       Review Engagement Report – This report concludes on whether or not the financial        statements are in accordance with the accounting policies and principles acceptable in        the jurisdiction and a statement that nothing came to our attention to make us believe        that the financial statements are materially misstated

       Audit Engagement – The financial statements include an Independent Auditor’s        Report. This report provides an opinion as to whether the auditor believes that the        financial statements are presented fairly, in all material respects, the financial position        and results of operations and cash flows in accordance with the accounting standards        acceptable in the jurisdiction

*Bookkeeping services:
       Training you and/or your staff on how to perform bookkeeping

       We can refer you to one of our very knowledgeable and capable bookkeepers,        depending on your needs

       Provide advice on which accounting software is best for your industry, or assist you in        setting up Excel templates, if that is more suitable to your needs

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